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When Anthon and I travel in Henry, our old Land Rover Defender, we seldom exceed 100km per hour. It is real slow travel, mostly on gravel roads. Time is seldom important, giving us the opportunity to talk, reminisce, or stop for photographs and a cup of coffee. We become part of the landscape, often revisiting why we are so securely rooted to it.

'A yellow butterfly' took seven years to evolve into something presentable to the public. Structured around one of our many trips into the wilderness, it combines anecdotes from Anthon's  medical practice, my work as architect, childhood stories and fun-facts about Namibia, with descriptions of the sensational landscapes we drive through. Filled with handy travel tips, I also include fun facts about the wild animals and spectacular plants and trees we encounter along the way. I introduce you to real Namibians and their lives, and allow them to tell you a few of their own stories.

I invite you to join us in Henry on our journey through Kaokoland!

ISBN 978-3-9822864-2-6

'A yellow butterfly on an elephant's foot' is available as a paperback from your favourite independent book store. Simply provide them with this ISBN, pay the requested deposit and wait for them to call you to collect your copy!


Or you can order your copy from any one of the various Amazon stores in North America, Europe, 


United Kingdom and elsewhere.

The e-book is also available for Kindle,


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