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I grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

An architect by profession, I lived and practised in Namibia for eighteen years. With my doctor husband, Anthon, I travelled extensively throughout Namibia, both for work and leisure.

In 2016, when our youngest daughter left the house, we closed our practices, put our earthly belongings in storage and set ourselves adrift on the business of life.

For the next couple of years we lived out of our suitcases. We spent at least three months every year driving through the entire Namibia while Anthon did rural medicine along the way.

Our wanderings took us from Germany to New Zealand, Singapore and Shanghai, while Anthon deepened his training and honed his new-found skills as ego state and somatic experiencing therapist.

When we needed to take a breather, we spent time in our wooden cabin by the sea in Hermanus, South Africa, where I managed to complete A yellow butterfly on an elephant's foot.

In 2019 we stumbled upon a fairy tale town in Bavaria and decided to drop anchor for a while. 

More about our travels can be found here...

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