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a yellow butterfly on an elephant's foot

a love affair with Namibia

ISBN: 978-3-9822864-2-6


Have you ever dreamed of climbing into a Land Rover Defender, with the love of your life, and head into the wilderness? Camping wild, not another living soul for miles around? 

Pour a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable and join Lydia and Anthon in Henry, their old Landie.

Accompany them on a journey through remote Kaokokoland, the North Western corner of Namibia in Southern Africa.

You’ll visit thundering waterfalls and drive through endless desert landscapes. You’ll chat to Queen Elizabeth of Opuwo, encounter a polar bear in the Skeleton Coast and even kiss a crocodile. 

At times hilarious, at times melancholic, you might wish the journey will never end.

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Cover art and illustrations by Nicola Fouché


I read this book on a train the other day. Having lived in South Africa for 26 years, the descriptions touched me deeply. The story really drew me in and within a few chapters, I was so overwhelmed with homesickness and longing, that my neighbour asked what was wrong.
Reading on, I realized that this isn't just one couple's experience, it's actually a chronicle of a world that's disappearing, and also a part of my own history that will never return, but always lurk as a beautiful and melancholy memory somewhere three layers under my skin.

                                                                                                                                                        Nora Kovats

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Note: The full-colour illustrated book is not yet available.

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